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Overtime: March 19 – 25


More stories below from this week (click on bolded words for more information):
  • Major street art & graffiti retrospective Beyond the Streets is coming to LA.
  • Hong Kong’s most important Gallery District is in a brand new 26-story skyscraper.
  • Philadelphia's Institute of Contemporary Art is the first museum certified by W.A.G.E.
  • London’s leading museums face growing scrutiny over donations linked to the opioid crisis.
  • This Activist Group Thinks Your Met Ticket Price Should Depend on Your Tax Bracket.
  • Rio de Janeiro's Modern Art Museum selling prized Jackson Pollock to stay afloat.
  • MOCA still mum about curator Helen Molesworth's firing, despite crucial questions and too few answers.
  • Prior to her firing, curator Helen Molesworth made public statements critical of MOCA practices.
  • Steven Holl to design new Angers Collectors Museum.
  • Discover 5 artists breathing new life into photography at MoMA's biannual survey.
  • Trump signs bill boosting the NEA and NEH budgets he wanted to eliminate.
  • ACLU files art censorship lawsuit against the city of New Orleans.
  • Artworks that Facebook so oddly censored as NSFW, "Pornographic Material."
  • Enchanting and unsettling art that imitates the Natural World.
  • How German artists rebuilt an art scene after World War II.
  • Gallery or auction house? When to buy from each.
  • Why Picasso and Condo make for the ultimate "Face-Off" at Sotheby's.
  • Asian collectors' appetite for Western art, Sotheby's organizes $200M selling exhibition in Hong Kong.
  • Former Art Basel Hong Kong director to launch New Fair in Taipei.
  • The art of Black Panther.
  • Second round release of Luke Chueh's BOBA (White) on preorder now.
  • Daniel Arsham releases new FRACTURED furniture through Snarkitecture.
  • Picasso market, already on fire, could heat up.
  • How Mitchell Algus became New York's most beloved, least successful art dealer.
  • Want to get the most out of an artist Residency? Here are 7 simple tips.
  • This new website is offering FREE art lessons from professors and artists.
  • Rare Vincent van Gogh painting expected to sell for over $35 million USD.
  • Basel is getting a new art fair dedicated to works on paper this year.
  • Banksy's 14th Street Rat already taken down by building owners.
  • New York state senator calls on the developer to keep Banksy’s 14th street rat on public view.
  • Virgil Abloh's exhibition is all about media and advertising.
  • Felipe Pantone's upcoming Paris exhibit is a Dynamic Phenomena.
  • Ben Sanders's surreal paintings embody L.A.’s hedonism and spirituality.
  • Virginia MOCA presents Inka Essenhigh: A Fine Line.
  • Michelle Obama portraitist Amy Sherald to be represented by Hauser & Wirth.
  • How M.C. Escher transfixed the world with his mind-bending works.
  • Spot the difference - Damien Hirst's new vision.
  • Ai Weiwei on why he was drawn to document the refugee crisis.
  • See toaster, toilet paper holder, and everything else Alexander Calder made for his Connecticut home.
  • For directorial debut, artist Rashid Johnson casts Moonlight actor to star in his adaptation of Native Son.
  • How 500 high schoolers helped Keith Haring pull off one of his most ambitious projects.
  • "It takes a while to figure out who you really are" - artist Paul McMahon on his curious menagerie of a career.
  • Legendary photographer Bill Cunningham wrote a secret memoir.

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