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More stories below from this week (click on bolded words for more information):
  • John Baldessari gets the greatest accolade of them all – a guest turn on The Simpsons.
  • Banksy guest stars, sort of, on the latest episode of HBO's Silicon Valley.
  • Good grief, Charlie Brown! You’re graffiti?
  • Frick Collection, with fourth expansion plan, crosses its fingers again.
  • Berkshire Museum sell-off approved by top Massachusetts court, ending a lengthy legal battle.
  • 314 rare books stolen from Pittsburgh's Carnegie Library.
  • A massive new cultural center funded by Saudi Arabia's oil company prepares to open.
  • Tate gallery's staff pull off Inside Job to showcase their own artwork.
  • Italian far right wants to turn Fascist HQ into mega-museum.
  • What's the best path to a top museum job? We analyzed the training of 100 curators to find out.
  • Gender pay gap: top UK auction houses pay women between 22% and 37% less than men.
  • ‘Simply Not a Good Look’: Activists criticize Brooklyn Museum’s hiring of a white African art curator.
  • New York judge awards Nazi-looted artworks to Holocaust victim's heirs in key test case.
  • Judge throws out closely-watched lawsuit against the Agnes Martin Authentication Committee.
  • Jose Parla breaks down 'Amistad America' for 'Landmarks’.
  • Watch JR discuss how his “Inside Out" art project came to be.
  • OSGEMEOS on what it takes to be a legendary graffiti artist, or two.
  • Noguchi Museum announces two new exhibits for late Japanese artist.
  • James Rosenquist's stunning '60s pop artworks to show at ARoS.
  • It's no illusion: M.C. Escher's mind-bending works are coming to Brooklyn.
  • Why one collector bought a work of art made by Artificial Intelligence—and is open to acquiring more.
  • How can one artwork have four very different price tags?
  • What’s your favorite color? With Art Palette, Google hopes to repeat success of viral face-matching app.
  • Russell Crowe celebrates divorce by auctioning $1 million USD worth of belongings.
  • Picasso’s broad brush lifts the market.
  • Christie’s announces $70m Picasso self portrait.
  • A long-lost Dutch painting worth millions turns up in an Iowa closet.
  • How does Banksy make money? (Or, a quick lesson in art market economics).
  • When he wasn’t making history, Winston Churchill made paintings.
  • An anarchist art collective transformed a Trump Tower Hotel suite into a prison cell for the President.
  • Frieze New York will present Adam Pendleton–designed Black Lives Matter flag.
  • Art dealers strike back at Cady Noland in increasingly philosophical legal dispute about a restored sculpture.
  • Lara Schnitger seeks volunteers for feminist performance at Frieze New York.
  • Marina Abramović plans to electrify herself with one million volts.
  • Apply to the Artist Studios program at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design.
  • Before Van Gogh was a painter, he was an art dealer.
  • How Van Gogh imagined Japan.
  • Volta announces new location for 2018 Basel Edition.
  • Condo Gallery shares program names participants for 2018 edition in Mexico City.
  • Kenny Schachter tries (and fails) to keep his mouth shut at Gallery Weekend Beijing.
  • Damien Hirst hates sausages! How Instagram became art's new playground.
  • #Duchamp? Darren Bader is selling his Instagram and Twitter handles as readymade art.

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