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More stories below from this week (click on bolded words for more information):
  • Sterling Ruby creates new artworks for concurrent exhibitions in Belgium.
  • San Francisco’s new transit center features public art by Jenny Holzer, Julie Chang, and Ned Kahn.
  • NADA cancels its New York City fair to shift focus to supporting member galleries.
  • Here are all the galleries heading to Art Berlin's new home in Tempelhof Airport.
  • Sotheby’s disappointing earnings highlight risk of art market’s overreliance on trophy lots.
  • Sotheby’s and Steve Lazarides team up to test the market for street-artist Rammellzee in London.
  • Banksy reveals new street sign artwork in England.
  • This ska band's album cover could be Banksy’s earliest work.
  • Ten Picassos discovered amid Tehran Museum’s hidden collection of Western art.
  • Nostalgia and reality in Picasso, Schiele, and Klimt.
  • A new London show will reveal the painter Jusepe de Ribera as a master of violence.
  • Who really painted ‘Salvator Mundi’? An Oxford art historian says it was Leonardo’s assistant.
  • The Studio Museum in Harlem announced today that Legacy Russell will join the institution as associate curator.
  • Joshua Vides on becoming a "professional" artist, his streetwear hustle & gifting LeBron his Nikes.
  • Reigning Champ unveils new Muhammad Ali installation at La Brea store.
  • We owe artists the crucial income resale royalties provide.
  • Resale royalties would hurt emerging artists.
  • Developer installs giant David Salle prints on McKim, Mead & White Building in New York.
  • From Paul Klee to Alexander Calder, 7 artists who created inventive toys.
  • Fondation Louis Vuitton spotlights Jean-Michel Basquiat & Egon Schiele for new exhibit.
  • A Jackson Pollock painting gets a touch-up, and the public's invited to watch.
  • Artist who filled New York pothole with Trump’s face sees artwork removed by city.
  • Does the spirit of Charles Dickens live on in his furniture?
  • Your paints may contain toxic chemicals. Here’s how to avoid harming yourself and the environment.
  • Jack Whitten’s newly published journals reveal a long, painful road to recognition.
  • A view from the easel, artist studios in California, Maine, New York, and Ohio.
  • What do photographers owe their subjects? Four photographers weigh in.
  • How Larry Clark and others documented sex work in 80s and 90s America.
  • Petitions and protests as art world rallies to free imprisoned photographer Shahidul Alam.
  • This photographer is reimagining Norman Rockwell for the 21st Century.
  • How Japan has inspired Western artists, from the Impressionists to today.
  • Someone just gave student art historians $1 mil so they can afford to actually go see the art they’re studying.
  • Bloomberg Philanthropies funds 45 organizations in Atlanta as part of $43 million arts training program.
  • Building a legacy for an artist who shunned the art world.
  • Facebook censors artist's work criticising male-dominated society because it features naked breasts.
  • Facebook censors Montreal Museum of Fine Art’s ad featuring nude Picasso painting.
  • A new feminist poetry or a trudge through patriarchy,
  • The world’s first museum of comedy is here.
  • Interview with Aaron Ott, the first-ever curator of public art for the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY.
  • The National Endowment for the Humanities awarding $43.1 million in support of 218 humanities projects.
  • Understanding Edward Hopper’s lonely vision of America, beyond “Nighthawks”.
  • List of 34,361 dead refugees and migrants goes back on show in Liverpool after being destroyed.
  • The tortuous story of Gustav Klimt’s Nazi-looted, 100ft-wide Beethoven Frieze uncovered.
  • 6 sculptures that rattled critics and shook up public art.
  • ACT UP returns to the Whitney Museum’s Wojnarowicz retrospective, this time as guests.
  • David Wojnarowicz was a poet, a fighter, a hustler, a survivor.
  • At the Whitney, Eckhaus Latta blurs the line between fashion and contemporary art.
  • Nicholas Galanin remixes Native American identity at Phoenix’s Heard Museum.
  • Unraveling the mysteries behind Caspar David Friedrich’s “Wanderer”.
  • LaKela Brown’s plaster-cast sculptures represent the common trappings and symbols of her 90s upbringing.

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