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More stories below from this week (click on bolded words for more information):
  • The 10 artists that broke into the art market big leagues in 2018.
  • What the 7 biggest art lawsuits of 2018 mean for the art market.
  • 16 globetrotting art aficionados tell us about the most memorable shows they saw in 2018.
  • A year in visual culture and the people who defined it.
  • 8 art advisors tell us which artists you should be watching (and buying) in 2019.
  • The most influential artists of 2018.
  • PODCAST: 2018's biggest art stories, the year in review.
  • The most powerful moments in photojournalism in 2018.
  • Frieze names curators of themed sections at 2019 New York Fair.
  • Untitled Art, San Francisco names Juana Berrío as guest curator of special projects.
  • Sotheby's 2018 auctions reach $5.3 billion.
  • An ethereal painting of the Doge’s Palace by Claude Monet could sell for $35 million at Sotheby’s.
  • Why investors are looking to back artist-run businesses.
  • What happened to all the art in Mexico’s presidential palace?
  • Why Leonardo DiCaprio and his father produced a new Netflix film about an obscure Polish artist.
  • Oprah and Agnes Gund host benefit auction for Miss Porter’s School to feature works by female artists.
  • Watch photographer Catherine Opie revisit her midwestern roots.
  • Museum of Fine Arts Boston brings Ansel Adams into the present day.
  • Bruce Gilden on the art of street photography and his pursuit of good portraits.
  • Jesse Rieser captures American Christmas in all of its kitschy splendor.
  • Why Jesus and Mary always wear red and blue in art history.
  • Superstar Smithsonian leader David Skorton resigns after less than four years.
  • With an overdue museum survey under her belt, Judy Chicago plans her legacy.
  • A survey at exhibition at LUMA Arles captures the history of mechanically-reproduced imagery.
  • Royal Academy widens outreach with exhibition by homeless people.
  • Robert Cenedella sues museums for $100 million for declining to show his work, but a judge isn’t buying it.
  • Ebony G Patterson’s ornate night garden of toxic silk flowers and neo-baroque tapestries.
  • Anna Maria Maiolino on "Poetic Wanderings", her latest show at Hauser & Wirth New York.
  • At Studio Voltaire, London, artists have transformed the former chapel into a wild Wilde Gesamtkunstwerk.
  • Hundreds of artists scale down their work for Giant Robot’s 14th Annual Post-It Show.
  • Cai Guo-Qiang’s explosive art, preserved for the ages.
  • Katy Diamond Hamer interviews Lyle Ashton Harris.
  • Asier Mendizabal’s political movements at Galerie Martin Janda in Vienna.
  • Oil paintings by Clive Head layer gestures to express the passage of time.
  • These painters abandoned brushes for sledgehammers, chainsaws, and blowtorches.
  • Pablo Picasso on achieving success without sacrificing your vision.
  • Everyone’s a curator. That’s not (always) a bad thing.
  • Tips from 8 leading artists on how to build confidence.
  • Psychedelics may offer artists a creative boost.

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