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Overtime: Feb 18 – Feb 24


More stories below from this week (click on bolded words for more information):
  • Karl Lagerfeld, the kaiser of fashion who was also a talented photographer, dies at 85.
  • See 2 decades of Karl Lagerfeld’s photographic art in a new show honoring the late fashion eminence.
  • What sold at Frieze Los Angeles.
  • Frieze Los Angeles round-up—everything published in one place.
  • The NY edition of SPRING/BREAK Fair is moving yet again to a former Finnish Embassy.
  • A week before opening, the NY Armory Show art fair must relocate a third of its exhibitors.
  • NY edition of Volta suspended as The Armory Show makes emergency decision to relocate to Pier 90.
  • Two former NY art dealers are doubling down on Detroit, massively expanding their gallery in the city.
  • Recently sentenced NY art dealer Mary Boone will close her gallery.
  • Mysterious street artist Plastic Jesus installs a frightening sculpture in LA ahead of the Oscars.
  • NIGO returns to Sotheby's for “NIGOLDENEYE® Vol. 1.” auction.
  • Sotheby’s will expand its New York headquarters with a starchitect-designed overhaul.
  • After a crashed sale of Gerhard Richter’s ‘Fighter Jet’ in 2016, Phillips is trying again, at a lower price.
  • A new study reveals one weird trick for arts organizations to raise more money.
  • A new exhibition of work by prisoners defies the stereotypes of prison art.
  • A collector couple is suing dealer Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim for failure to deliver paid-for art.
  • Artists who donate work to benefit auctions get little more than good karma.
  • What ghosts haunt Jasper Johns’s new skeleton paintings?
  • A sense of mystery pervades in Enrico David’s symbolic artistic language.
  • The Haas Brothers and L’Objet’s ceramic creatures tell a surreal story in Joshua Tree.
  • See 9 obsessively detailed drawings of monsters and myths by Guo Fengyi.
  • Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox is having a solo show at MASS MoCA.
  • Paris digital art venue Atelier des Lumières is a hit, and expanding abroad.
  • Phyllida Barlow has us on the edge at the Royal Academy.
  • Charlotte Posenenske made radically accessible minimalist sculpture.
  • Drea Cofield’s paintings explore her past through mythological and allegorical contexts.
  • Michael Heizer’s herculean effort to move a 340-ton boulder across L.A.
  • Rebecca Harper’s paintings are a “reflection of the time we are living in”.
  • These women artists are transforming gallery walls with incredible murals.
  • Jordan Casteel explains how her paintings are changing the narrative about black men.
  • Police have evacuated Saint Petersburg’s storied Hermitage Museum due to a bomb threat.
  • Protesters accuse SF Contemporary Jewish Museum of pinkwashing.
  • Ai Weiwei accuses producers of feature film ‘Berlin I Love You’ of censoring his contribution.
  • Long in exile, the looted Benin bronzes tell the story of a mighty African kingdom.
  • Tintoretto was the unsung hero of the Venetian Renaissance.
  • How Kader Attia demonstrates the radical healing power of art.
  • How J. Max Bond Jr. became New York’s most influential black architect.
  • Community-based Indonesian collective ruangrupa will be the artistic director of documenta 15.
  • 5 photographers show what it’s like to be a young Iranian today.
  • Photographer and activist Shahidul Alam, who was jailed in Bangladesh is getting his first US survey.
  • In 1983, four major photographers created a historic project that never saw the light of day, until now.
  • Postal service art director Derry Noyes turns famous artworks into stamps.
  • What Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma” could have learned from art history.
  • 6 critically acclaimed films about artists, from Caravaggio to Grandma Moses.
  • 6 keys to a good artist-gallerist relationship.
  • Mood boards can help unlock creativity.

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