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Overtime: Mar 11 – 17


More stories below from this week (click on bolded words for more information):
  • The much-hyped Chinese art market’s best days may already be gone.
  • The boom in pop-up galleries is only just getting started.
  • 7 art-historical treasures for sale at TEFAF Maastricht.
  • Powerful collectors open up in TEFAF Maastricht's Chinese art market report.
  • The bookseller who supplied Sister Wendy a copy of Mapplethorpe’s ‘X Portfolio’ is selling her library.
  • Bid me up before you go-go: sun goes down on George Michael’s art collection at Christie’s.
  • George Michael’s art collection fetches $12.3 million at Christie’s London.
  • Claude Monet’s haystack will hit the auction block at Sotheby’s NY in May with $55 million estimate
  • Caravaggio found in an Attic will travel to NY before it hits the auction block for an estimated $170 million.
  • The auction price of an artwork is directly related to how much blue or red is in it, a new study finds.
  • How Curator Okwui Enwezor (1963-2019) changed the course of art.
  • Barbara Hammer, pioneering queer experimental filmmaker, dead at 79.
  • Prize-winning curator Kristy Edmunds discusses how she helps artists realize visionary work.
  • Kaywin Feldman shatters the glass ceiling at the National Gallery of Art in Washington.
  • At home with the man who helped bring African art to New Orleans.
  • The radical legacy of Hannah Höch, one of the only female Dadaists.
  • Artist Kiki Smith explains how her unusual upbringing inspires her work.
  • Discoveries under the floorboards of Van Gogh’s bedroom in Brixton.
  • Stolen in 1985, a recovered de Kooning will undergo conservation treatment.
  • Italian police may have solved the mystery of an exhibition of fake Modigliani paintings in Genoa.
  • A Paul Signac painting has been identified as another work of Nazi-looted art from the Gurlitt Trove.
  • Dutch duo Scheltens & Abbenes embrace the ordinary to create the extraordinary.
  • Artist Eric Mack’s Desert X sculpture vandalized, burned and stolen’.
  • Anthea Hamilton is a force to be reckoned with at Thomas Dane Gallery.
  • Watch how artist Tyrrell Winston turns trash into fine art.
  • PODCAST: Ian Cheng wants to change the way you think.
  • PODCAST: Wham! The George Michael auction and the YBA market. Plus, Sharjah Biennial.
  • ArtPrize names artists creating large-scale works for inaugural project biennial.
  • Dalí, Hockney, and Koons have all designed labels for this French winery.
  • Why Dorothea Tanning’s powerful surrealist art defied convention.
  • How Nina Katchadourian uses airplane bathrooms as her studio.
  • From monumental to microscopic, these works changed the history of art in Japan.
  • 7 artists changing our perceptions of the world at the Sharjah Biennial.
  • Lessons from the Afghan women who weave modern war into an ancient tradition.
  • Max Porter’s Book, ‘Lanny’, evades easy categorization.
  • Rashid Johnson’s directorial debut, ‘Native Son’.
  • Jerry Saltz is writing a book on how to be an artist.
  • Two photographers traveled to the Arctic to capture powerful images of the rapidly militarizing region.
  • Through five years of intimate photographs, this couple challenges clichés about love.
  • Want to paint outdoors? Here’s what you’ll need to paint en plein air.

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