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  • Ellsworth Kelly stamps released by USPS this week. Photo by @Yngaling.
  • Banksy's Port Talbot stencil to be moved to a gallery.
  • Another stellar addition to INSA's GIF-iti series of works.
  • KAWS last collaboration with Uniqlo ignites a frenzy.
  • Quatre Caps reinterprets classic still life paintings to highlight plastic pollution.
  • Charlie Adlard, comic artist behind The Walking Dead series to have exhibition in hometown.
  • Original drawing for the first-ever cover of Tintin could fetch over $1m at auction.
  • Nine curators share their favorite wall colors to display art.
  • Louvre workers strike over growing visitor numbers and dwindling staff.
  • How much do museum workers really make?
  • Why the Louvre probably won't show Salvator Mundi.
  • PODCAST: Andy Warhol - Sex, Death, Beauty and Disaster.
  • French senate says Notre Dame must be restored 'in the same way as before'.
  • French exhibition aims to reveal naked truth about 'nude Mona Lisa'.
  • Five takeaways from a landmark conference on collecting Land Art.
  • Flemish tourism board purchases castle that belonged to Rubens.
  • Trailer drops for film adaptation of Donna Tartt’s bestselling novel The Goldfinch.
  • Do TV shows depict the art world correctly?
  • How Christian Dior came to be the first art dealer to show Dali's melting clocks.
  • Larry Gagosian separates from long time girlfriend.
  • Excerpt from Michael Shnayerson's new book, Boom, featuring the cutthroat world of mega dealers.
  • The juiciest gossip about renaissance masters.
  • Disturbing details of Peter Max's family life and estate after dementia.
  • Cyber thief intercedes in deal between collector and Team Gallery regarding Ryan McGinley work.
  • A look at Instagram's censorship of nudity in art.
  • Facebook ramping up their commissioning of art projects worldwide.
  • Inside Steve Aoki's art-filled living space in Vegas.
  • How music has influenced the work of many artists from Matisse to Kandinsky.
  • Mega-collector José Berardo faces lawsuits over his $1 Billion of debt.

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