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Overtime: May 27 – June 2



More stories from the week ended June 2:
  • Marc Quinn unveils inflatable sculpture portraying Alison Lapper outside the church of St. Giorgio Maggiore.
  • RIP: Otto Muehl, who died at the age of 87 after suffering from Parkinson and heart problems.
  • Formal debate at Art Basel HK considers the assertion: The Market Is the Best Judge of Art's Quality.
  • The Art Law Blog states that despite what some may think, Detroit is able to sell artwork from DIA collection.
  • Velvet Underground settles Warhol lawsuit with Warhol Foundation over use of banana design.
  • New York state court dismisses $6mil lawsuit brought against Cady Noland by dealer Marc Jancou.
  • Werner Spies responsible for paying half amount for Ernst painting he authenticated that turned out to be fake.
  • Finnair will remove artwork on Airbus plane in its fleet after it was discovered that the art was plagiarized.
  • The Israel Museum buys back a landscape by Max Liebermann after returning it to the heir of Max Cassirer.
  • Cleveland Museum of Art settles claim over Johann Liss drawing said to have been taken by Nazis.
  • Bienal del Sur, a biennial in Panama, closed May 30 and involved much controversy, boycotts, and disputes.
  • British Council censors Jeremy Diller work in British pavilion at the Venice Biennale.
  • Filmmakers, writers and artists in Poland divided on opinion of 2010 crash that killed its president and others.
  • Workers at number of UK museums, galleries & heritage sites have begun strike as museums forced to close.
  • MoMA's restoration of Jackson Pollock’s One: Number 31, 1950 brings out some mysteries.
  • Rubens drawing of Marie de' Medici done in around 1622 emerges from Reading University store cupboard.
  • Nguyễn Phan Chánh painting achieves record result at Christie's in London for a piece by a Vietnamese artist.
  • LS Lowry doodles given to his favourite hotel waiter sell for more than £60,000 at auction.
  • Warhol prints and editions market rebounds to 2006–2007 levels.
  • Forbes lists the Six Risks To The Global Art Market in 2014.
  • Artwork owned by TS Eliot's late wife to go on sale at Christie's.
  • The argument against the art market being in a bubble.
  • City of Oslo reaches deal on new, futuristic crooked glass building to house Munch Museum, opening 2018.
  • Huntington Library receives $32mil gift from Charles Munger that will go toward education and visitors center.
  • Iraq to restore ancient arch of Ctesiphon as part of a plan to boost tourism to the once-popular site.
  • Professionals discuss how museums could become escape from urban living and the power of technology.
  • Ai Weiwei exhibits dioramas that recreate his experiences as a prisoner of the Chinese authorities.
  • Francis Naumann teaches chess to Ai Weiwei at his Beijing studio.
  • Michael Parkinson, Grayson Perry, Sienna Miller, Spacey, Rupert Murdoch among portraits by Jonathan Yeo.
  • Jerry Saltz reviews Jeff Koons's two concurrent shows up in NY right now.
  • Jeff Koons is hiring.
  • Roberta Smith writes about 101 Spring St and her experience working for Donald Judd.
  • Financial Times' Jackie Wullschlager has breakfast in London with Sir John Richardson.
  • KCRW interviews James Turrell.
  • Profile of Aby Rosen on occasion of his 53rd birthday.
  • The Modern Art Notes Podcast with Tyler Green features Julie Mehretu for a full hour.
  • Francesco Vezzoli returning to MOCA with new exhibition in 2014.
  • James Franco's show at Pace Gallery, London opens this week.
  • Marc Quinn unveils naked portrait of pregnant Lara Stone on a mound of red meat.
  • Martin Martensen-Larsen plans to cover executed prisoner’s corpse in gold paint, but legal questions remain.
  • Jimmy Kimmel denies he bought Bea Arthur painting by John Currin at Christie's auction.
  • Milla Jovovich poses among cardboard and in glass boxes as part of performance during Venice Biennale.
  • 1xRun releases cradled wood box boombox edition by Skewville.
  • Markus Wolff has a new print available via Serigraphic Systems Inc.

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