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Overtime: July 29 – Aug 4



More stories from the week ended Aug 4:
  • Jerry Vile makes statement in Detroit using giant Crisco can next to Joe Louis fist sculpture. The city removes the street piece quickly, unfortunately.
  • Ashes found in stove in owned by mother of suspected Rotterdam art thief contained fragments of paintings.
  • NYPD attempts to censor anticipated Park Avenue art project about free speech.
  • James Franco criticizes LA for losing Jeffrey Deitch, who resigned himself from his position at MOCA.
  • Los Angeles Downtown News wants Jeffrey Deitch out of LA immediately and outlines what to do next.
  • MOCA loses Jeff Koons retrospective for unknown reasons.
  • More DIA drama as NYTimes compares it to situation of Fresno Metropolitan & South St. Seaport Museum.
  • Bravo cancels Gallery Girls after just one season.
  • Cindy Sherling claims that Jan Van Alphen, director of the Rubin Museum of Art, sexually harassed her.
  • Abandoned newsstand kiosks in San Francisco turned into art installations and exhibits.
  • Dallas pension fund’s public relations fight with Nasher Sculpture Center involves fake social media profiles.
  • Italian police seize huge haul of illicit antiquities consisting of over 500 pieces and worth over €2mil.
  • The wife of leading Syrian artist Youssef Abdelke would like him to be released from detention.
  • Arts critics at the Independent on Sunday to be fired this Sept. as part of cuts to the newspaper’s workforce.
  • Banksy helps man evicted from LA water tank after he painted on it & prompted owners to sell the piece.
  • Crop circle art is dying as artists are retiring or moving on to other things.
  • Vittorio Sgarbi makes his case for blocking approval for a project by Daniel Buren in Italy.
  • US returns ceremonial sword taken as war trophy from Saddam Hussein’s office to Iraq.
  • Copy of Schindler's list (1 of 4 in existence), bearing the names of 801 men, fails to find eBay buyer at $3mil.
  • Montana dueling dinosaurs - two nearly complete skeletons - to be sold at Bonham's at $7-9mi. estimate.
  • Factum Arte using non-contact 3D laser scanning and digital photography to recreate 2D and 3D works.
  • Worker deployed to remove Bad Kitty street piece by DS becomes stenciled himself hours later.
  • Yves Klein’s Monotone Silence Symphony, his first sound composition, is headed to New York.
  • Check out the The Andy Warhol Temporary Museum in Lisbon by LIKEarchitects.
  • Michael Bloomberg sets aside $50 million appropriation for a nascent arts organization, the Culture Shed.
  • An app to view all the public art in New York City.
  • Art Rules, ICA's new venture, aims to supplant Twitter as platform for online art debate.
  • Knight Foundation gives $750,000 to Akron Art Museum to help pay for six exhibitions over three years.
  • Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art to have exhibition that explores 500 years of witches.
  • Jonathan Jones takes a look at gay art in the Catholic Church.
  • Al Sharpton wants Trayvon Martin's hoodie in National Museum of African American History and Culture.
  • The Art Production Fund doing a pop-up exhibition of installations in Montauk.
  • Curious about investing your money with a art fund?
  • Charles Saatchi to auction off 50 of his largest sculptures and installations at Christie's.
  • Unauthenticated Warhol sketch bought for £3 on sale for £1.25m on eBay - could be worth a lot more.
  • Jim Lee is selling his Jack Kirby originals from artwork that was used in real-life concept from Argo.
  • Heather Russell interviews Li Shan.
  • Excerpts from Marina Abramović’s Reddit question and answer on occasion of her Kickstarter campaign.
  • The Economist takes a look at Peter Doig and his upcoming retrospective.
  • Los Angeles Magazine interviews Frank Gehry about architecture in LA.
  • Cosmo Sarson's Breakdancing Jesus – The Salute, now available as a limited edition hand-finished print.
  • Scottish National Gallery has Imaginary Boys, a signed and numbered print by Peter Doig available. Ingleby Gallery has also released a screen print by the artist.
  • One Direction singer Harry Styles is a burgeoning art collector.
  • Simon de Pury writes about the art world's love for Kanye West, Jay Z, and Lady Gaga.

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