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Overtime: Aug 19 – Aug 25



More stories from the week ended Aug 25 (click on bolded words for link to more information):
  • Egypt’s Malawi National Museum ransacked, looted and smashed up by vandals as result of unrest in country.
  • Marx & Zavattero closes their gallery after twelve years in San Francisco.
  • John Cleese sells off collection of art and memorabilia to help pay for divorce from third wife.
  • Profile of Pei-Shen Qian, who is identified as artist who painted the Knoedler fakes.
  • The story of Mark Landis, man who donates forgeries to museums (must be subscriber to NewYorker to read full article).
  • Repatriation of Apache items delayed due to classification designation by American Museum of Natural History.
  • Ali Ferzat exiled from Syria to Kuwait after being attacked for drawing satirical cartoons of President Bashar al-Assad.
  • Police alerted of Marina Abramovic's planned live recreation of The Scream in Oslo.
  • Trustees for Robert Rauschenberg seeking over $60 million from foundation in court.
  • Axa sues Christie's storage services over Sandy damage alleging negligence in not taking steps to prevent damage.
  • Two Damien Hirst prints stolen from Museo de Arte Contemporáneo during concert find their way back to the museum.
  • More about Jasper Johns' former assistant, James Meyer, who is accused of stealing and selling his work.
  • Despite being warned, Sotheby's sells Jan Schoonhoven piece that was stolen from the Museum van Bommel van Dam.
  • Street art in LA by Strömberg mistakenly credited to Banksy.
  • The top jobs in UK art institutions are still mainly going to men over women.
  • The changing role of and ability to be a curator.
  • New York Observer writes about new school art collectors that are acquiring works based on social reasons.
  • Sarah Maple gets 500 volunteers to replace pages from The Sun newspaper featuring topless women.
  • Kodak receives court approval to emerge from bankruptcy as a much smaller digital imaging company.
  • Kröller-Müller Museum receives donation of over two hundred works from the Art & Project / Depot VBVR Collection.
  • Hester Diamond (Mike D's mom) gives a Veronese painting to the Worcester Art Museum.
  • Städel Museum boosts its photography collection after acquisitions and generous donation by Rudolf and Annette Kicken.
  • MoMA to open sculpture garden to general public for free each morning until 10:30am.
  • The Louvre's Winged Victory of Samothrace is set for a nine-month restoration next month that will alter its appearance.
  • The Museum for African Art now actually the New Africa Center and will be more of a policy center than art museum.
  • James Durston gives his thoughts an opinion on today's museums.
  • How the constant traveling and art fair participation due to globalization is affecting dealers and the market.
  • Auction market for books, letters and manuscripts seems to be taking off after David Foster Wallace sale.
  • Gregory Siff creates artwork from Superstorm Sandy debris to benefit storm relief.
  • Marina Abramovic Institute becomes fully funded on Kickstarter, as does the Art Story film.
  • A look at Damien Hirst's 9,000 square-meter studio - the world's largest art production site.
  • Matador Networks has their list of the 30 coolest art installations ever at Burning Man.
  • Show Me More: A Collection of DickPix gallery show to feature sexting images collected by women.
  • Maine offers Robert Indiana license plates to help support arts in the state.
  • Profile of Peter Blake, who opened Laguna Beach's first contemporary art gallery.
  • Jeffrey Deitch serves as sounding board for Calligraffiti show at Leila Heller Gallery.
  • Larry Gagosian has the most technically superior screening room at his house in the Hamptons.
  • Interview with David Choe, where he reveals a upcoming collaboration with Takashi Murakami on a show.
  • Roberta Smith reviews Rudolf Stingel's show at Palazzo Grassi.
  • Max Snow is the artist-in-residence at The Surf Lodge in Montauk and he also organized a André Saraiva show there.
  • Miranda July's email project includes message from Kristen Dunst to Gavin Brown regarding Elizabeth Peyton piece.
  • The Avant/Garde Diaries features Agathe Snow and Bill Beckley.
  • Jeff Soto interviews Rob Sato.

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