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Overtime: Jan 21 – Jan 27



Overtime stories of the week:
  • Cai Guo-Qiang and Jeff Koons are among recipients of first biennial U.S. Department of State Medal of Arts.
  • Vladimir Tretchikoff's Chinese Girl  (or aka Green Lady) painting coming up for auction in March.
  • RIP: Simon Cerigo, who died at age 60 due to complications from heart issues.
  • Three Rotterdam art heist suspects arrested in Romania, but paintings have not yet been found.
  • Library puts controversial Kara Walker drawing back up on display.
  • Egyptian artists, curators, critics & academics fear new constitution threatens censorship of arts and culture.
  • Troy University faculty art show cancelled due to censorship.
  • Bill by Oklahoma State representative Josh Cockroft seeks to eliminate funding for Oklahoma Arts Council.
  • Claire Fontaine art piece set on fire at Queen's Nails causes $5,000 in damages and an investigation to occur.
  • Turkey accused of blackmail as it wages cultural war in pursuit of its archaeological treasures.
  • Netherlands reject claims by heirs of Jewish art dealers for all but one of 189 works in the national collection.
  • New online resource to reveal stories about Nazi-looted art and wartime art market.
  • David de Csepel on quest to get back artwork looted from his family by Nazis and others during WWII.
  • Painting claimed to be by Pablo Picasso has been seized near Elazıg after suspect tried to sell it.
  • Christie's sales in Hong Kong and Dubai fell significantly in 2012.
  • Artists in Iran suffering due to sanctions.
  • Did they have bad taste? 21 Despots, Dictators, and Drug Lords, and the Art They Loved.
  • What the recent tribulations of Damien Hirst are telling us about art's future.
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat's Burroughs triptych to be sold at Sotheby's London auction in February.
  • Steven Learner launches new design fair due to open in Manhattan during Frieze.
  • Fairs owned by Merchandise Mart Properties, including Armory Show in NY, will not be sold to Louise Blouin.
  • Author J.M. Coetzee to serve as the curator of the Belgian pavilion at next summer's Venice Biennale.
  • Singapore and Hong Kong competing for cultural dominance in Asia.
  • Brazilian government gives workers $25 a month for cultural expenses.
  • Columbus Museum of Art ready to start on the third and final phase of its $63 million renovation plan.
  • Indianapolis Art Museum to host nearly 80-piece Matisse collection beginning in October.
  • NYMag's Vulture profiles Larry Gagosian and his recent trials and dealings.
  • More on the lawsuit between Ron Perelman and Larry Gagosian.
  • Three women making waves in CA's art scene, including Gagosian Gallery's Deborah McLeod.
  • Gagosian now strategically competing with Zwirner to show work by Jeff Koons.
  • WNYC discusses Hauser & Wirth's new Chelsea location.
  • Are oligarchs and other investors that are bulk buying new art destroying the middle market for artists?
  • Jerry Saltz on Kate Middleton’s official royal portrait.
  • Controversial portrait of Queen Elizabeth painted by John Napper seen again for the first time in 60 years.
  • The story of Victorine Meurent, Manet's red-headed muse.
  • Virgin Atlantic to sell original artwork by Ben Eine.
  • Unseen early Andy Warhol drawings to be shown for the first time.
  • Olafur Eliasson will be this year’s recipient of the Goslar Kaiser Ring prize.
  • Smithsonian Magazine tells the story behind Banksy and his ascent and criticisms.
  • Live Fast Mag interviews Jen Stark.
  • Isabelle Alford-Lago's mural in Venice altered at the homeowner's request to add a campaign message.
  • Artinfo interviews Marc Quinn.
  • Interview with Takashi Murakami about ceramic art.
  • Andy Warhol told a young Kathryn Bigelow to get into film.
  • Interview with Laurie Simmons about her and Carroll Dunham's daughter, Lena Dunham.
  • The Guardian has an interview with Carl Andre.
  • Artinfo interviews Juergen Terller.
  • New drawings from Phlegm.
  • An installation by Richt for Converse.
  • New print from Know Hope.
  • INSA sails for your yacht.
  • A entire floor to ceiling installation from Sobekcis.
  • Ben Eine's work will be offered to Virgin Atlantic's first class passengers.
  • A new figure from Gary Baseman that he designed for Lladro.
  • New work from Sarah Joncas.
  • New books from Agents of Change Remi Rough and Augustine Kofie.

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