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Overtime: Jan 20 – Jan 26



More stories from the week ended Jan 26 (click on bolded words for more info):
  • Jeff Koons balloon rabbit installed in lobby of new IBM building on 51 Astor Place.
  • RIP: Chryssa, who died at the age of 79.
  • RIP: Martha Beck, who died at the age of 75.
  • RIP: Robert Alistair McAlpine, who died at the age of 71
  • Getty senior curator Scott Schaefer is retiring.
  • Bombings in Cairo killed people and wrecked a nearby museum of Islamic artifacts.
  • Charles Saatchi and Taki may spar off in a cage match fight.
  • Rodrigo Cañete's thoughts on Theaster Gates and what he dubs "con art".
  • Dasha Zhukova causes controversy by posing in Bjane Melgaard chair in article pic posted on MLK Jr. day. Her response here. Gavin Brown and Melgaard provides their perspective. Jonathan Jones provides his explanation of the chair.
  • MoMA called an emergency board meeting to install new member in light of expansion controversy.
  • Property development on Cork St. is a threat to galleries in St James and Mayfair.
  • Jasper Johns to testify against Brian Ramnarine in case of fake bronze Flag sculpture.
  • Artists of 14 Verona St. suing apartment building, asserting property should convert to rent-stabilized units.
  • French woman suing University of Oklahoma to recover a Nazi-looted painting that was taken from her father.
  • Creditors argue that Detroit should be forced to establish an independent committee to assess worth of DIA's assets. Judge denies request. Gov. Rick Snyder pledges $350mil. to a growing rescue fund that includes DIA.
  • George Zimmerman appropriates AP photo by Rick Wilson for his latest painting. The AP and Wilson threaten to sue if Zimmerman sells the piece.
  • German Olympians will wear rainbow-colored uniforms in Sochi.
  • Italy lets the people choose online on which artwork it will save.
  • Painting bought on eBay for £3,000 8 years ago turns out to be a Édouard Vuillard & buyer may not be aware.
  • Sotheby’s is going to sell three paintings recovered by The Monuments Men.
  • Christie's February sales features works by YBAs from Sensation show.
  • Christie's sales rose 16% in 2013. Sotheby's 2013 sales grew at a greater rate than did Christie's.
  • Five myths about the Chinese art market and what the realities may be.
  • Hedge fund managers and other investors roles in the art market.
  • Film about painter Robert De Niro Sr premieres at Sundance.
  • Tate signs ten-year £5mil sponsorship deal with Hyundai for Turbine Hall.
  • Anthony Thorn gives $2.67mil. to Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.
  • Joseph Wright of Derby portrait donated to Holburne Museum is 3rd work gifted in UK's Cultural Gifts Scheme.
  • Guggenheim Museum gets first loan of five major Futurist murals from the central post office in Palermo, Sicily.
  • Philippe Vergne's plans for MOCA.
  • Elliot Perry's art collection goes on view at Flint Institue of Arts.
  • GM Foundation gives $1 million to National Museum of African American History.
  • A look back at Artsy's 2013.
  • LA Times writes about the LA Art Show's Littletopia and gives tips to new collectors.
  • Anna Wintour's connection to the art world.
  • A primer on John Baldessari.
  • Profiles of Martin Creed as he prepares for his Hayward Gallery show.
  • How Jessica Eaton creates her work.
  • Hi-Fructose visits Jen Stark at her studio.
  • Jerry Saltz reviews Wade Guyton's show at Petzel.
  • Mark Kostabi plans to paint 15 portraits of Ilona Staller and direct a movie about her life.
  • Paige Powell's intimate photographs of Jean-Michel Basquiat.
  • Profile of Ramiro Gomez. LA Times review of the Charlie James Gallery show.
  • Photos from Bert Rodriguez's bowling party at the Roosevelt Hotel's Spare Room.
  • W Magazine writes about Oscar Murillo's show at The Mistake Room.
  • Two members of Pussy Riot will appear at a concert promoting human rights in NYC, according to organizers.
  • Q&A with Susanne Vielmetter.
  • Cruciani C makes bracelet version of Jeff Koons' balloon dog.
  • Shia LaBeouf's idea of performance art. He is searching for a LA gallery to exhibit his performance.

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