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justin adian march 2014

More stories from the week that ended March 2 (click on bolded words for more information):
  • Justin Adian & Tristano Di Robilant exhibition opens March 11 at The National Exemplar.
  • Galleries at 77 Geary St. in San Francisco forced to close due to tech boom's rising rents.
  • Photography associations join together to submit a friend of the court brief to support Patrick Cariou.
  • Wright Museum in Detroit is threatened by city’s fiscal woes.
  • Protest organized at Guggenheim NY to raise awareness over working conditions on Saadiyat Island.
  • Transfield's sponsorship of Sydney Biennale prompts five artist to withdraw from show in support of asylum seekers.
  • How museums are dealing with Art of the Past and Subhash Kapoor over likely looted items purchased from the gallery.
  • Jewel heist at Paris’s Drouot auction house as robbers use tear gas to steal briefcase full of jewels.
  • 11 stolen paintings found in Miami that belong to the collection of Cuba’s Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.
  • Statues of Lenin being toppled and destroyed across in Ukraine during recent protests worrying heritage experts.
  • A team of men attempt to illegally remove Banksy street piece from wall in New Orleans.
  • How to protect yourself against art theft.
  • CNN writes about art sales being used to launder money out of China.
  • The case to save the Picasso curtain at the Four Seasons restaurant in NYC. The story of the piece.
  • Other Criteria to close Bond Street location as rents rise in the area.
  • Right to use Fabergé name by museum still in dispute even after court ruling.
  • How Simon Denny hacked a TED conference to present an art exhibition.
  • Kevin Klowden warns that California could lose its status as entertainment industry leader.
  • Authorities to seize $4mil. Roman statue in Queens that they say was stolen.
  • New Paul Klee piece discovered on the verso of an existing work.
  • Gauguin may not have had syphilis, according to analysis of his teeth.
  • What Picasso's and Mondrian's studios reveal about their work.
  • Gallerists like Larry Gagosian and David Zwirner getting into the restaurant game.
  • Ann S. Moore opens a gallery in Chelsea called The Curator Gallery.
  • The Final Member documentary follows museum curator searching for a human penis.
  • How culture is being used to rebuild a city in Colombia once a battle zone in the drug war.
  • Maximo Caminero receiving a fundraiser by artists that support his cause (but not act).
  • Artforum's Dawn Chan spends some time in Los Angeles.
  • Philippe Vergne to start his director position at MOCA on March 10.
  • Boris Johnson has started discussions with Guggenheim Foundation about setting up a gallery in London.
  • J. Paul Getty Museum to display James Ensor's The Temptation of Saint Anthony in June.
  • Artwork a better investment than Bitcoin?
  • Bill proposes that artists receive 5% royalty of price of art that is resold at public auction for more than $5,000.
  • Poly Culture Group Corporation planning an IPO that could raise up to $330 million for expansion efforts.
  • Forbes' How China is Quietly Changing the Balance of Power in the Art World.
  • Christie's chooses China to open its first gallery in Asia.
  • Photo Shanghai launches in China.
  • A look at Sotheby's financial figures from 2013. Daniel Loeb wants to be able to elect three Sotheby's board members.
  • Paris Photo LA announces full list of participating exhibitors for 2014.
  • Profile of David Roberts and his collecting style.
  • Profile of Yams collective (or HowDoYouSayYaminAfrican?).
  • Larry Gagosian talks at ladies’ luncheon at Guastavino’s in NYC.
  • George W Bush to have art exhibition at George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.
  • Eric Fischl joins Arezoo Moseni at a talk in NYC on March 12.
  • An interview (translated to English from Japanese) with Yoshitomo Nara.
  • Oscar Murillo's ascent to the top levels of the contemporary art scene.
  • Sue Webster and Tim Noble buys former home of William Lyttle (Mole Man) and will preserve it.
  • JR to direct a ballet for the stage. Set to premiere April 29.
  • Allison "Hueman" Torneros tells the story behind some of her pieces.
  • Nick Walker Vandal t-shirts available for purchase.
  • Darren Aronofsky's Noah to also have art exhibition component. Images of work and more info.
  • Gary Busey's open letter to James Franco about James Franco's NY Times essay about Shia LaBeouf.

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