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Overtime: March 31 – April 6


Phyllida Barlow dock 2014 Tate Britain

More stories from the week that ended April 6 (click on bolded words for more information):
  • A look at Phyllida Barlow as her Tate Britain commission opens.
  • RIP: Mon Levinson, who died at the age of 88.
  • Antony Micallef describes decision not to display his work on London tube station posters as censorship.
  • Art school in Chile plans to promote Nazi ideology and make widespread use of the swastika.
  • Protesters shower Guggenheim museum visitors with cruel labor confetti from above.
  • Applications fall by over 20% and admission rate rises as Cooper Union charges tuition.
  • Controversy over funding for Baldessari camel sculpture installed in US Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • David William Noll charged with felony vandalism for defacing Banksy LA works.
  • Artists that have been arrested for their art.
  • Jason White pleads guilty to stalking and extortion scheme that targeted fellow art professionals.
  • Oliver Wick, a respected Swiss art historian and curator, named as a defendant in Knoedler case.
  • Metropolitan Museum sells off millions worth of art from its collection.
  • Why Brian Droitcour hates Post-Internet art.
  • Seward Johnson's Marilyn Monroe sculpture moving from Palm Springs to New Jersey.
  • Ilfracombe Knitting Bombers claim responsibility for knitting pair of leg-warmers on Hirst sculpture.
  • Ai Weiwei stars in secret sci-fi film shot in Beijing.
  • Historians claim that precious cup at San Isidro basilica is actually the Holy Grail.
  • Artists are coming out in support of Ukraine.
  • Important Monet painting found in Gurlitt's art trove.
  • Gauguin and Bonnard paintings stolen in 1975 are recovered in Italy.
  • Rubens painting purchased for €100 at flea market in Southern France authenticated after ten year process.
  • Italian ministry of culture pledges more than €135mil. to restore 46 heritage sites across southern regions.
  • Sudan's archaeological heritage receives $135mil. in funding from Qatar.
  • Austria turns down Karlheinz Essl's offer to sell it his art collection.
  • The Studio Assistant Family Tree: A Genealogy of Artists & Their Proteges.
  • A comprehensive list of artists to follow on Instagram right now.
  • When Richard Prince and Basquiat appeared on MTV.
  • NY Times fills you in on what's happening in Brooklyn, Lower East Side, Upper East Side, Chelsea, and Soho.
  • NEA report suggests more than a quarter-million Americans have a side job as an artist or musician.
  • SFMOMA rehearses at mock-up gallery in Collections Center for extension space.
  • LA Times covers the MOCA gala.
  • Culture of museum start-ups taking hold in Washington DC.
  • Christopher Knight reviews Mike Kelley retrospective at MOCA.
  • A look at Helen Pashgian's show at LACMA.
  • A look at the Banksy: The Room in the Elephant play.
  • Second branch of the Long Museum opens and is now China’s largest private museum.
  • Irina Nakhova to become first woman (solo pavilion) to represent Russia in Venice Biennale. Fiona Hall to represent Australia.
  • Analysis of the current market for YBA stars Hirst, Emin, Chapman brothers, and Sarah Lucas.
  • Rozalia Jovanovic advises to hold onto your Jeff Elrod works and buy Christian Rosa pieces.
  • $27mil. mansion in NYC includes artwork by Kapoor, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Frank Sinatra.
  • Legendary Women Dealers You Need To Know, Part Two.
  • A profile of and interview with Stefan Simchowitz. A response to the piece, by Jerry Saltz. Simchowitz responds to Saltz's response. Jamie Sterns gives her take on the feud between Simchowitz and Saltz. Stefan Haus on Stefan Simchowitz. Kenny Schachter brings the logic. Walter Robinson relates flipping and "zombie formalism". Art Market provides its conclusion to all this.
  • Abraham Poincheval will live in a bear for two weeks at Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature exhibition.
  • Gagosian Gallery to show Richard Prince's Canal Zone paintings again.
  • Calvin Tomkins profiles Ryan Trecartin in The New Yorker.
  • An interview with Korakrit Arunanondchai, as well as video of his performances.
  • Scott Reeder and Laura Owens in conversation.
  • Jeanette Hayes in PaperMag.com.
  • A look at Peter Saul.
  • Jerry Saltz reviews Nate Lowman's show at Maccarone.
  • Five Brazilian artists to keep an eye on.
  • What it's like inside James Turrell's Perceptual Cell.
  • Cosmopolitan casino to broadcast animated artwork of Tracey Emin every hour for three minutes.
  • Serena Mitnik-Miller has two stores she's opened with her husband in California.
  • Profile of Iwan Baan.
  • Interview with Brad Elterman.
  • Gabriele Galimberti's photographic portraits of children with their favorite playthings.
  • Playboy bunnies photographed decades after their heyday.
  • An interview with KAWS.
  • Alexander Gilkes answers some questions.
  • Raymond Pettibon, Damien Hirst, Dinos Chapman, John Baldessari and Jeff Koons temporary tattoos.
  • Mickalene Thomas blanket limited edition released.
  • Ryan McIntosh's Print of the Week.
  • George Bush unveils his new paintings.
  • Katy Perry healing her broken heart by collecting art.
  • Madonna names Miley Cyrus as a guest curator for Art for Freedom.
  • A Tumblr page dedicated to pics of guys on Tinder posing with art. And one for girls at LACMA.

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