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Overtime: Sept 22 – Sept 28



More stories from the week that ended Sept 28 (click on bolded words for more information):
  • JR's exhibition Unframed — Ellis Island in NY Times. Image: Joshua Bright for The New York Times.
  • Two American tourists allegedly steal 30kg artifact from the ruins of Pompeii.
  • Uffizi Gallery in Italy damaged by flooding after massive hail storms.
  • Ownership of set of 396 prints by Jörg Immendorff in dispute in court.
  • WSJ provides information and tips for dividing art work in case of a divorce or death.
  • Stifel Nicolaus cuts Sotheby's earnings projection due to slowing in China.
  • Human zoo exhibition at Barbican Theater in London featuring black actors cancelled after protests.
  • Artists and others band together to fight Arizona revenge porn law.
  • John Kerry cites the interest of protecting cultural heritage sites in Iraq and Syria as a reason for intervention.
  • UNESCO thinks that Djoser pyramid in Egypt may have been damaged during restoration.
  • How museums are hurting themselves by not allowing picture-taking.
  • Eisenhower Memorial panel moves forward with controversial design by Frank Gehry.
  • Some in Houston consider Jorge Marin's nude statues displayed publicly as too pornographic.
  • United Brothers offers soup with radioactive daikon radish grown in Fukushima at Frieze Art Fair.
  • Artspace shows us How to Think About Conceptual Art.
  • Unfinished Adoration of the Magi work by Leonardo Da Vinci nearly restored.
  • DIS announced as the curatorial team for Berlin Biennale.
  • Sondra Gilman Gonzalez-Falla and Celso Gonzalez-Falla promise a gift of 75 photographs to Whitney Museum.
  • A look at State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now survey show at Crystal Bridges.
  • The Aga Khan, North America's first Islamic Art Museum, opens in Toronto.
  • Visitors will continue to be able to visit Paleolithic art at Altamira Caves in Northern Spain until Feb '15.
  • International Center of Photography moving from Midtown to the Bowery in NY.
  • SculptureCenter's Pothole, Puddle, Portal show includes Jamian Juliano-Villani, Chadwick Rantanen, and more.
  • LA Times looks at The Los Angeles Project show at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art.
  • Sotheby’s will be auctioning small Jasper Johns Flag (1983) painting during Nov auction.
  • A look at the current art investment boom.
  • A sales report from Art Berlin Contemporary.
  • Shane Campbell Gallery moving to new 8,500 sq. ft. space in Chicago.
  • LA Canvas takes a look at Roberts & Tilton Gallery.
  • Kammer & Reinhardt doll sells for record £242,500 at Bonhams.
  • David Frum talks about his dad, collector Murray Frum.
  • ARTNews interviews Jeffrey Deitch.
  • Michael Manning's Carl Kostyal show a Artforum Critic's Pick.
  • Ai Weiwei's Alcatraz show features Lego portraits.
  • ABC7 Eyewitness News takes a look at Andy Warhol: Shadows.
  • Artsy writes about Sterling Ruby's shows in Asia.
  • Aperture interviews Sara VanDerBeek.
  • Eric Gibson writes about Jeff Koons' Whitney retrospective.
  • Lana Newstrom makes invisible art.
  • A look at Gary Hume.
  • Van Hanos show at Tanya Leighton a Artforum Critic's Pick.
  • A look at Pierpaolo Ferrari and Maurizio Cattelan's Toiletpaper.
  • Profile of Julia Dault.
  • Denise De La Rue uses Picasso's Guernica in her film shown at the UN's General Assembly.
  • Andrew Russeth reviews some exhibitions in Chicago.
  • Images of Marlborough Chelsea's Broadway Morey Boogie public art installation.
  • Some art books releasing this fall season.
  • Ace Hotel's Atelier Ace Issue releases limited edition, signed and numbered Peter Sutherland print.
  • Edition of 500 Jean Baptiste-Bernadet Fugue book available from Triangle Books.
  • PCP releases Faith47 limited edition, signed and numbered print.
  • Victor Vasarely products released by Artware Editions.
  • Vincent van Gogh musical opening next year.
  • John Malkovich inserts himself into classic art and photographic masterpieces.
  • Mr. Bean inserted into historical portraits.
  • Stevie Nicks to show Polaroid self-portraits at Morrison Hotel Gallery.
  • Shia LaBeouf will jog around the perimeter of the Stedelijk Museum and invites participants to join him.
  • A call for a stop to James Franco's multimedia activities.

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