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Overtime: April 13 – April 19



More stories from the week that ended April 19 (click on bolded words for more information):
  • Images and information from Ted Gahl's show up at the Mier Gallery site.
  • RIP: Günter Grass, who died at the age of 87.
  • RIP: Moira Gemmill, who died at the age of 55, killed while bicycling.
  • Russian Federal Security Service orders shutdown of WWII show at Metenkov House-Museum of Photography.
  • Rago auction of art and objects made by Japanese-Americans while detained in internment camps sparks protest.
  • Le Corbusier may have been a fascist and Nazi sympathizer.
  • Occupy protestors project on the side of the Whitney museum about the pipeline near the building.
  • Megumi Igarashi criticizes Japan's backwards attitude to sexual expression after her arrest for creating vagina sculptures.
  • Two paintings, including one by Roy Lichtenstein, stolen from Sam Simon Foundation in Malibu.
  • The Santa Monica Museum of Art is leaving its current location at Bergamot Station. Rosamund Felsen also leaves Bergamot Station for Downtown Los Angeles.
  • Artists that put up Edward Snowden bust in NY that was confiscated by police want it back.
  • 2,622 artifacts worth over $100mil. seized from Subhash Kapoor, who had them smuggled or looted from India.
  • Artists gather in Time Square to demand the release of Tania Bruguera in Cuba.
  • Gagosian Gallery no longer represents Robert Rauschenberg estate.
  • Wuhan Institute of Bioengineering receiving criticism for building a replica of the Great Wall of China.
  • Britto sues Apple over its Start Something New campaign featuring artwork that resembles his.
  • Sotheby's sued over proceeds from sale of Van Gogh painting.
  • Five galleries, including Tomio Koyama Gallery, to close at Gillman Barracks in Singapore.
  • Stephane Charbonnier, aka Charb, to posthumously release book about upholding the right to ridicule religion.
  • Anti-Clinton street art pops up in Brooklyn.
  • University of the Arts London taking legal action against students that staged occupation against cuts to courses.
  • Artnet's 11 Art World Rules Decoded for 20-Something Newbies.
  • Wallace Foundation announces six-year $52mil. effort to help art groups.
  • How the Fauvism movement caught on because of a scandal.
  • Leonardo da Vinci's Head of a Young Woman to be shown at MFA Boston.
  • Dallas Museum of Art and Tate Liverpool to have exhibitions of Jackson Pollock's pour paintings.
  • Ben David looks at the Martin Wong show at the Wattis Institute.
  • Profile of Joanne Heyler, director of the Broad Museum.
  • The list of 407 artists that will be in the debut show at Whitney. Artnet's 10 Fun Facts About the Whitney Museum.
  • Gender composition at Venice Biennale 54% men to 33% women, with 13% collective collaborations.
  • Havana Biennial expected to draw huge crowds of American art collectors to Cuba.
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation seeks to preserve Auschwitz concentration camp exactly as it was.
  • Adam Szymczyk wants to show the entirety of the Gurlitt trove at Documenta.
  • France creates replica of Grotte Chauvet cave with reproductions of cave art.
  • The pros and cons of column-free spaces in museums.
  • Eight-panel series of paintings by Cui Ruzhuo sells for $30mil. (record for living Asian artist) at Poly Auction Hong Kong.
  • Cy Twombly blackboard painting reported to have been sold on the private market for $60mil.
  • Christie’s announces a $30mil. Edward Hopper painting to lead its American art sale.
  • Christie's will have a $30mil. Peter Doig painting in its May evening sale.
  • Six-foot-tall Alberto Giacometti Pointing Man sculpture could become most expensive sculpture sold at auction. Sheldon Solow is revealed to be the seller.
  • Speculation concerning the inevitability of the $1 billion work of art.
  • Christie's to sell work from Nina Castelli Sundell’s estate, featuring artwork from Ileana Sonnabend collection.
  • Design Miami to launch in Hong Kong during Art Basel Hong Kong.
  • Katya Kazakina writes about Bob Rennie's collection.
  • Part 2 of Artspace's interview with Michael Hort.
  • Roberta Smith has a list of ten galleries to visit in Chelsea.
  • The risks associated with investing in artwork.
  • Adding conditions and restrictions to sales agreements becoming more common for galleries.
  • The Scheryn Art Collectors Fund launches to invest money in artists from Africa and its diaspora.
  • Etsy to share some of its IPO with vendors that sell on the site.
  • Phaidon explains how Leonardo da Vinci used science to elevate art.
  • Jamian Juliano-Villani's show opening at JTT is one of this week's NY events Observer is highlighting.
  • Alexsandro Palombo responds to recent police violence with Simpsons artwork featuring black Bart Simpson.
  • Roger Ballen talks about a particularly dangerous time he went shooting.
  • WSJ profiles Adam Pendleton.
  • Six young photographers that are trying to take the nude in new directions.
  • Phaidon looks at David Shrigley's show at Anton Kern.
  • Artnet reports on Ryan Hewett's exhibition, which sold out three weeks in advance of the opening.
  • G. James Daichendt  wrties about REVOK's evolution as an artist.
  • David Adjaye talks about Chris Ofili. Marina Abramovic talks about Björk. Both on occasion of the two being included in TIME's 100 Most Influntial peoples list.
  • Phaidon interviews Aki Sasamoto.
  • Seven things you may not have known about Yoko Ono.
  • Bomb Magazine posts images of new drawings by Davis Rhoades.
  • ArtPrize will now feature new $40k curatorial fellowship and $30k grant program for local exhibition venues.
  • 2015 Guggenheim fellows announced.
  • Vincent van Goat paintings sell for $40 each at the New Mexico BioPark Society.
  • Jay Mercado paints donuts.

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