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Overtime: June 29 – July 5



More stories from the week that ended July 5 (click on bolded words for more information):
  • Jamian Juliano-Villani featured by Art21.
  • RIP: Harold Feinstein, who died at the age of 84 due to chronic heart failure.
  • Delaware Art Museum privately sells Homer’s Milking Time as well as Wyeth’s Arthur Cleveland.
  • Destruction of antiquities and heritage sites by Islamic State and others could amount to war crimes.
  • Street art widespread in Greece as nation is in financial and economic chaos.
  • Members of Sotheby's' cleaning staff have been suspended pending investigation of water pistol attacks.
  • Matisse and Van Gogh paintings' bright yellows are slowing discoloring and turning beige over time.
  • Animal rights activists protest Jannis Kounellis's Untitled (12 Horses) at Gavin Brown's Enterprise.
  • David Hockney publicly criticizes Gerhard Richter's work again.
  • Islamic State is selling looted art and antiques on eBay and Facebook to raise funds.
  • Scott Mueller sues Janssen Gallery after Cady Noland disavows work and his money has not been returned.
  • New bill to make it more difficult to take legal action against authenticators, and to minimize litigation costs.
  • Milwaukee Art Museum drawing controversy with Niki Johnson's condom portrait of Pope.
  • Belgrade unveils controversial monument for Gavrilo Princip.
  • Marina Abramović reveals plans for her funeral, which will be held in Belgrade, Amsterdam, and NY.
  • Artnet lists five things you should try to avoid as an art viewing tourist.
  • Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Alsaud announces that he will give his entire $32bil. fortune to charity.
  • The Royal Academy attempting to bring collection of paintings assembled by Charles I together.
  • Zahi Hawass' plans for $1bil. Grand Egyptian Museum.
  • Smithsonian utilizing 3D printing to copy artifacts.
  • Amanda Ross-Ho, Artie Vierkant, Jon Rafman and more are in Public Art Fund's Image Objects show.
  • The Altered Images: 150 Years of Posed and Manipulated Documentary Photography show.
  • Anneliese Cooper reviews  Fire and Forget at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art.
  • The Guardian looks at Sotheby's' London auction sale.
  • Colin Gleadell reports on Phillips' London evening sale. Judd Tully also has an analysis of the auction. Katya Kazakina also joins in on the fun.
  • Colin Gleadell reports on Christie's London evening sale. Judd Tully also has an analysis of the auction. Katya Kazakina writes about it too.
  • Katya Kazakina reports on the Sotheby's London evening sale. Colin Gleadell also has some things to say about the auction. Judd Tully gets in on the action as well.
  • Sotheby's beating Christie's when it comes to Impressionist and Modern sales.
  • Iain Brunt shares his thoughts on last week’s Impressionist auctions in London.
  • The increasing popularity of the curated auction sale.
  • Art-related events a big part of the calendar for ultra high-net-worth individuals.
  • Gagosian, Pace, and Zwirner all signed on for the Seattle Art Fair and these may be the reasons why.
  • Frieze Projects in London announces its lineup for 2016.
  • The Independent Art Fair in NYC has a new home in Spring Studios in TriBeCa.
  • Damien Hirst opening a art space called Newport Street Gallery.
  • Queer Thoughts moves from Chicago to New York.
  • Eleven Rivington changes its name to 11R and expands Chrystie Street location.
  • Princess Eugenie now an associate director for Hauser & Wirth after working for Paddle8.
  • Larry's List interviews Filipe da Costa Leite.
  • Artinfo talks to Dominique Lévy in its Game Changers series.
  • Paddle8's 8 of the Most Collectible Names in Contemporary Art Right Now list includes Emily Mae Smith.
  • Sotheby's teaches you how to buy at auction.
  • Christie's guide to collecting prints and to print-making techniques. They also have a guide to collecting maps.
  • Observer writes about Levart.
  • Tuscan villa formerly home to Leonardo da Vinci now on the market for $14.6mil.
  • Mark Bradford installation, along with two others, goes up at LAX airport.
  • Laurie Simmons and Cindy Sherman talk about Sarah Charlesworth.
  • William Pope L's flag makes an appearance during Kendrick Lamar's performance at BET awards.
  • A look at Bree Newsome, who scaled a flagpole to take down a Confederate battle flag.
  • Misty Copeland promoted to principal status at American Ballet Theatre.
  • The Guardian looks at the photographs of Katy Grannan.
  • Scott Indrisek profiles Sascha Braunig.
  • Anonymous group of artists build teahouse in Griffith Park.
  • LACMA interviews Ed Moses about the art he created in the 1960s and 70s.
  • Ten memorable quotes from David Hockney.
  • Liam Gillick and Zineb Sedira make works for London Underground's Victoria Line.
  • Artspace has a list of seven Instagram users that you should follow.
  • Artspace's list of 10 artists to watch in July.
  • The soundtrack to Luke Chueh's life.
  • Artnet's list of The 10 Most Terrifying Public Statues.
  • Artnet takes a look at fifteen firework artworks.
  • John Riepenhoff teams up with Company Brewing to create three flagship beers to benefit art spaces.
  • Marina Abramović now art directing for Givenchy.
  • Yves Saint Laurent's 2016 menswear line features collaborative designs by Billy Al Bengston.
  • Japanese virgin men attend nude drawing sessions to help boost their confidence with women.

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