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Overtime: July 13 – July 19


michael rey at zero 2015

More stories from the week that ended July 19 (click on bolded words for more information):
  • Images and info up for Michael Rey show at ZERO.
  • RIP: Lee Towndrow and Amber Scorah's son, who died at three months during first day of daycare.
  • RIP: unnamed 28-year-old construction worker from Pakistan killed while working on Louvre Abu Dhabi.
  • German government cultural protection law plans could cripple the market for German artists and undermine the country’s role in the art market. Georg Baselitz withdraws loaned artworks from German museums in protest of proposed governmental changes. Gerhard Richter threatens to do the same.
  • Julian Agnew compares seeking Nazi artwork loot restitution to ambulance chasing.
  • Shepard Fairey turns himself in to Detroit after warrant was issued for his arrest. Following the topic, LA Times looks at the difference between art versus vandalism.
  • Douglas Gordon uses an axe to attack HOME venue and then draws around the damage.
  • Nate Harrison writes about how to sue Richard Prince over Instagram works and win.
  • Kendrick Lamar sued for using Giordano Cipriani's photograph without the artist's consent.
  • Graduating USC Roski class of 2015 calls for the resignation of their dean, Erica Muhl.
  • NY Times writes about the Bert Kreuk vs. Danh Vō lawsuit.  Danh Vō and Bert Kreuk exchange letters to each other.
  • Leigh Morse accused of spending lavishly on herself rather than pay her victims she owes restitution.
  • Plan to sell New York City Opera’s name and other assets withdrawn by company’s board.
  • The Royal Tapestry Factory in Madrid due to file for bankruptcy after mounting debt.
  • Sindika Dokolo on a mission to to have illegally removed objects and artworks returned to Africa.
  • MoMA is the loudest major art museum in New York.
  • Los Angeles museums have been showing more black artists, but not too many women artists.
  • When art collectors make expensive mistakes.
  • Hilde Krohn Huse accidentally hangs herself from a tree during filmed performance.
  • German court seeking a report from expert on whether Cornelius Gurlitt was competent to draw up his will.
  • Amendment would boost US efforts to assist Holocaust victims and heirs in achieving property restitution.
  • Artifacts looted during Iraq invasion turn up in the house of Abu Sayyaf, an Islamic State leader.
  • Smithsonian  decides to continue exhibition of works from Bill Cosby's art collection. They are accused of concealing a $716k donation by Cosby. They will now post a sign to acknowledge Cosby's involvement.
  • Sir Nicholas Penny's parting thoughts as outgoing National Gallery chief.
  • Cuban government returns Tania Bruguera’s passport, but she will not leave until guaranteed reentry. She is named first artist-in-residence for NYC Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs.
  • Pope cool with replica Rev. Luis Espinal Communist crucifix given to him by Bolivian President Evo Morales.
  • Mosaic of Alexander the Great is the first ever non-biblical scene to be discovered inside a synagogue.
  • Unesco world heritage list grows along with cultural sites on danger list after committee meeting.
  • Musée du Louvre builds Louvre-Liévin, which will store more than 250,000 works of art from Paris.
  • Dia Art Foundation will hold a major Robert Ryman show this year at its Chelsea building.
  • The British Museum’s proposed loans for Zayed National Museum in Abu Dhabi could be worth up to £1bil.
  • Artinfo looks at the Michael E. Smith show at SculptureCenter.
  • Georgia O’Keeffe Museum receives donation of Frances O’Brien correspondence materials between the two.
  • Royal Academy of Arts starts Kickstarter to bring Ai Weiwei's tree sculptures to Royal Academy.
  • Artillery looks at the Light, Paper, Process: Reinventing Photography at The Getty Center.
  • Robert Sestok's City Sculpture sculpture park opens in Detroit. Lots more happening in Detroit.
  • Picasso's Study for Temptation of St Anthony goes on view at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.
  • Leonardo Dicaprio to co-chair annual Art + Film LACMA gala and also donates $15mil. to charitable causes.
  • Peter Schjeldahl gives his comment on today's art market.
  • Phillips increases its market share in auction market.
  • A look at Joaquin Guzmán Loera's, aka El Chapo's, art collection.
  • Joe Lewis revealed as buyer of $39mil. Gustav Klimt painting sold at Sotheby's in June.
  • Brian Boucher talks about the secret and un-talked about mechanisms of art collecting.
  • Interview with Steve Hanson about LA's Chinatown art scene.
  • Interview with Prof. Steffen Huck & Dr. Heike Harmgart about their collection.
  • Nate Freeman looks at the history of Picasso's Les Femmes d’Alger (Version “O”).
  • Brian Boucher takes a look at work by female artists that have sold for more than Georg Baselitz' at auction.
  • Noah Horowitz appointed as Director Americas for Art Basel.
  • Tomio Koyama moves his gallery location in Tokyo.
  • Daniel Buchholz opens a gallery location in Manhattan's Upper East Side.
  • Berry Campbell expands its gallery space by 800 sq. ft.
  • A look at the smaller art galleries in Ireland.
  • David Zwirner Gallery hires docents as selfie security for its De Wain Valentine show.
  • Collector profile of Edward G. Robinson.
  • Eight things to know about Kiki Smith.
  • Michael Slenske visits Marc Quinn in London on occasion of the artist's White Cube show.
  • Jeff Koons expands studio space by buying more property in Hell’s Kitchen.
  • The USC Seven group of dropout students gets a show at Park View gallery.
  • Ocula has a conversation with Alex Israel.
  • Rebecca Bates talks to Marcel Dzama.
  • David Hockney talks about his work and current life.
  • Some days in the life of Spencer Longo.
  • Takashi Murakami answers some questions about his film Jellyfish Eyes.
  • Artsy's list of 30 emerging artists to watch this summer.
  • DEA writes about Arturo Bandini and the exhibition currently presented there.
  • Eight milestones within Frank Stella's career.
  • Roberta Smith reviews two shows of Stanely Whitney's work.
  • T Magazine interviews Lucien Smith.
  • Artnet's list of things that have been learned by looking at the world's classic artworks.
  • Clifford Ross answers some questions.
  • Profile of Agnes Gund, who talks about art and collecting.
  • Mona Lisa comes alive in a digital version of the painting.
  • Bono crashing at Larry Gagosian's guesthouse in Amagansett.
  • Giant bouncy castle featuring Nick Cage's big head to tour the world.
  • Panton creates Minion Yellow character-branded color.
  • June 18 was Andy Golub's Body Painting Day in New York.
  • Uniqlo fitting room sex tape inspires man to get tattoo of the incident.

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