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Overtime: Sept 8 – Sept 14



More stories from the week that ended Sept 14 (click on bolded words for more information):
  • Images and info for Jamian Juliano-Villani's Nudge the Judge at Tanya Leighton up on gallery's website.
  • RIP: Dahlia Yehia, 25, who was beaten to death after traveling to Nepal to assist in earthquake relief efforts.
  • RIP: John Perreault, who died at the age of 78 from complications resulting from gastrointestinal surgery.
  • Someone spray-painting "NO MORE CHINESE" graffiti around multiple locations in San Francisco.
  • Anish Kapoor refuses to remove anti-semitic graffiti from his Versailles sculpture after it is vandalized again. Fabien Bouglé accuses the artist of inciting racial hatred. His work is vandalized a third time.
  • Atena Farghadani could see her prison sentence extended after shaking her lawyer's hand.
  • Detroit Institute of Arts to lose paintings on loan from A. Alfred Taubman after they will be pulled for auction.
  • Forged Dada artwork proliferating in Germany.
  • City of Los Angeles cleaned up 32.4mil. sq. ft. of graffiti in 2014.
  • Petition demands that Sinebrychoff Art Museum put end to its “Coca-Cola Bottle 100 years” exhibition.
  • 9 Andy Warhol prints stolen from office in LA and replaced with fakes.
  • Adam Solow threatening to sue US government after Goncalo Mabunda’s War Throne piece confiscated.
  • Clara Zevi questions Massimiliano Gioni's knowledge of women.
  • The future of some of Isaumu Noguchi's works in doubt.
  • Kenneth Rogoff thinks that Chinese art buyers will buy less art and that will highly impact the art market.
  • NY Times writes about Banksy and the problem with sarcastic art.
  • Baroness Elsa/Else Hildegarde Plötz may have been the real artist behind Duchamp's Fountain.
  • Scientists discover another massive Neolithic monument just one mile away from Stonehenge.
  • NPR discusses the art scene in Saudi Arabia.
  • Tokyo's art scene goes high tech.
  • Musée d'Art Moderne's upcoming CO- WORKERS show includes Darja Bajagić, Ryan Trecartin, and more.
  • Ben Davis reviews “Picasso Sculpture" show at MoMA.
  • Israeli artists, academics, activists launching exhibition space in Jerusalem to celebrate Iranian culture.
  • Maze made of 125k sunflowers on Museumplein on occasion of Van Gogh museum entrance hall opening.
  • Roy Lichtenstein's destroyed mural at Leo Castelli Gallery comes back to life as Greene Street Mural.
  • LA Times interviews Eli Broad as the Broad is about to open. Christopher Knight discusses the Broad's plans for lending out works from its collection. Knight also looks at 5 important works of Pop Art in the Broad's collection.
  • A review of the Istanbul Biennial.
  • A look at the use of technological guides during the museum viewing experience.
  • Sotheby's and Artsy teams up on a online sale.
  • Sotheby's gave Taubman estate an approx. $500mil. guarantee according to SEC filings.
  • Christie's names Sonya Roth managing director for its Southern California office.
  • Katya Kazakina writes about the new staff at Phillips.
  • Some of Mets’s collection of English furniture and decorative arts will be deaccessioned at Christie's.
  • Kenny Schachter writes about the art market this past summer and what to expect coming up.
  • Christie's lists 7 reasons to get excited about collecting photography.
  • Exhibitor list for Art Basel Miami Beach released.
  • Carole Server's picks her favorite works from the EXPO fair. Deborah Aaronson also takes a shot.
  • Artspace provides their guide to the Chicago scene on occasion of EXPO.
  • Chelsea appears to still be New York's top gallery district.
  • Bloomberg Business profiles Michele Maccarone.
  • Jeffrey Deitch to stage Marjorie Cameron Parsons Kimmel show at his former space on 76 Grand Street.
  • Interview with Stefan Simchowitz on SFAQ.
  • Wall Street Journal visits Phillip Lim's house and we get a glimpse of his art collection.
  • The story of Luciano Benetton's collection of small works.
  • Visit and interview with Frank Stella on occasion of his upcoming show at the Whitney.
  • Jerry Saltz writes about Pablo Picasso's sculptural work.
  • Alex Israel talks about Chris Burden.
  • Christopher Rothko talks about Mark Rothko.
  • Mitchell-Innes & Nash to present survey of Tom Wesselmann's works.
  • M.H. Miller discusses Mike Kelley's Kandor works.
  • Paddle8 lists Tauba Auerbach's 8 Most Inter-Disciplinary Moments.
  • Autre interviews Brian Kokoska.
  • Flash Art reviews Darja Bajagić's show at Bed Stuy Love Affair.
  • CBS News interviews José Parlá.
  • Soraya Doolbaz takes photographs of dressed-up penises.
  • James Franco to speak at UCI about art and life.
  • Holand Cotter discusses the upcoming art season.
  • Hans Ulrich Obrist wins International Folkwang Prize for 2015.
  • Banksy may be working as a parking lot attendant at Dismaland.
  • André Saraiva opens Café Henrie, which will serve breakfast and coffee and have Peter Shire-designed cups.
  • Tommy Hilfiger teams up with Jeffrey Deitch and Shepard Fairey on Rock Style show in London.
  • T Magazine's photoshoot of artists, musicians, and cultural figures that defined New York in the 70s and 80s.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio gets the VIP treatment at Hauser & Wirth.
  • Artnet's 31 Women Share Their Secrets to Art World Success: Part Three.
  • Collected images from Instagram of the art displayed at Burning Man.
  • Artnet's list of ten high profile college art professors.
  • John Slattery spotted buying art at the Affordable Art Fair.
  • Mark Jenkins tape babies available from Freeway Editions.
  • The Thing releases Michelle Grabner soccer ball.

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