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Overtime: Oct 26 – Nov 1



More stories from the week that ended Nov 1 (click on bolded words for more information):
  • Sotheby's to offer Carl Kahler's My Wife's Lovers, possibly the world's largest and heaviest cat painting.
  • Islamic State executes three people by blowing them up on three ancient Palmyra columns.
  • "Windows on Death Row: Art From Inside and Outside..." features work by those awaiting execution.
  • Hobby Lobby family under investigation for alleged importation of illicit antiquities from Iraq.
  • Installation by Goldschmied & Chiari accidentally thrown out after being mistaken for garbage. The work is subsequently restored.
  • Ai Weiwei accuses Lego of censorship and discrimination after it refuses his bulk order of Legos.
  • LA mayor Eric Garcetti seeking to hire an artist to help reduce traffic deaths on city streets.
  • Unnamed individual arrested after repeated vandalism to artworks at the Villa-Musée Jean-Honoré Fragonard.
  • Gary Crawford sues Sotheby's and consignor of Buddha statue he claims belongs to him.
  • Christie's withdraws Richard Avedon photograph from sale after the Avedon Foundation says it was a gift.
  • £35mil UK Rembrandt sold to overseas buyer could have export license application withdrawn. The Art Fund subsequently calls for overhaul of UK export regulations.
  • UK government gives £3mil to protect Iraq antiquities from IS terrorism.
  • Julia Peyton-Jones steps down as co-director of Serpentine Gallery.
  • Happened in Cincinnati during obscenity trial over Robert Mapplethorpe's art.
  • The contentious looting case between Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and Jewish heirs.
  • US federal appeals court sides with Yale University in dispute over ownership of van Gogh painting.
  • Outdoor sign designating Andy Warhol's former home on Lexington Ave. scrubbed out by new owners.
  • Judd Tully writes about the difficulties of operating a single-venue gallery.
  • Mayor of Tel Aviv puts pink bra on Menashe Kadishman public sculpture to raise awareness of breast cancer.
  • An explanation of freeports, use taxes, and sales taxes and its opportunities and risks.
  • Artnet looks at 9 affordable art schools that are located in world centers.
  • Dash Zhukova gives $1mil. to MIT to establish a new artist residency program
  • Art Nouveau is receiving attention from museums and auction houses.
  • Elephant automaton discovered inside Fabergé egg in British royal art collection.
  • UK and Russia cultural exchange program embarks by trading masterpiece portraits.
  • NY Times writes about the art inside the White House.
  • Benjamin Genocchio's list of 25 ways to change the art world.
  • Holland Cotter writes about how museums today need to update themselves for the 21st century.
  • Ai Weiwei receiving Lego donations through the sunroof of a BMW at the Brooklyn Museum.
  • The Art Newspaper writes about the opening of the Aishti Foundation space in Beirut.
  • Chicago city council votes to unanimously approve Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.
  • Robert Smith reviews the Frank Stella retrospective at the Whitney Museum. Her husband Jerry Saltz also looks at the exhibition. The Guardian puts in their opinion. It's a Critic's Pick at TimeOut New York. Scott Indrisek explores ten works in the show.
  • Tucson Museum of Art receives donation of artwork and $750k from Bernard and Jeanette Schmidt Trust.
  • Crocker Art Museum acquires work by Andrew Schoultz.
  • Gardner Museum names Peggy Fogelman as its new director.
  • Hammer Museum set to expand as UCLA acquires adjacent land.
  • The concerning relationship between performance art and money.
  • Sotheby's efforts to restore positive image of A. Alfred Taubman's legacy.
  • Judd Tully writes about the major November auction sales.
  • Katya Kazakina writes about the $1bil. in financial guarantees in Nov auctions.
  • How Sotheby's, Christie's, and other auction houses are adapting with the times.
  • NY Times writes about how you can now buy art online.
  • Auctionata acquires ValueMyStuff as it continues international growth trajectory.
  • Paddle8 raises $34mil. in Series C venture capital funding. Aditya Julka discusses the company on news of the new investment.
  • Forbes Lifestyle interviews Hikari Yokoyama about Paddle8.
  • Andy Warhol $10 bill hat he gave to Dr. Robert Giller to be auctioned at Nye & Company.
  • NY Times looks at the battle of Frieze versus FIAC.
  • Art Basel Hong Kong 2016 exhibitor list released.
  • NY Times provides coverage of the Lagos Photo Festival.
  • A discussion of the market for Frank Stella's works on occasion of his Whitney Museum show.
  • Sting selling works from his art collection after downsizing his home in London.
  • Independent profiles Iwan Wirth.
  • W Magazine has an extensive profile of Tony Salamé. NY Times also writes about Beirut and the new museum and art scene.
  • Dan Desmond discusses Morgan Stanley's Blue Rider Group.
  • Artinfo interviews Fritz Dietl on his new Delaware freeport.
  • Pilar Ordovas set to reintroduce Eduardo Chillida to the market.
  • Gagosian Gallery directors that have gone on to success after their time at the gallery.
  • Lauren Geremia discusses selling artwork to Silicon Valley tech startup clients.
  • Modern Painters interviews Jeff Wall.
  • Nan Goldin discusses her sympathy for Amy Winehouse.
  • Guardian looks at Christian Boltanski's show at Marian Goodman in Paris.
  • Martine Syms featured in Scenes from the Studio.
  • Interview with JR about his film Ellis.
  • Sophie Calle's Secrets project at Fraenkel Gallery.
  • David Shields discusses the depiction of war in the NY Times.
  • Daniel Keller discusses four things he is interested in at the moment, including artist David Rappeneau.
  • Scott Indrisek reviews Austin Lee's show at Postmasters.
  • Melik Ohanian wins 2015 Marcel Duchamp Prize.
  • Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme win Abraaj Group Art Prize, which includes $100k.
  • Ben Davis writes about Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting.
  • Artnet's game of quotes by either Donald Trump or Andy Warhol.
  • Larry's List imagines 10 terrifying things that could happen to an art collector.
  • Artinfo's list of nine gruesome artworks and performances, on occasion of Halloween.
  • Artnet's art-inspired Halloween costume ideas.
  • Giant inflatable jack-o'-lantern escapes Peoria Center for the Performing Arts and terrorizes town.
  • Metro writes about nutscaping.
  • The trend of using the art world as a setting for television shows.
  • Woman saws her sofa into three pieces for an art project that never was.

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