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Overtime: March 25 – March 31



More stories from the week ended March 31:
  • Steven A. Cohen purchases Picasso's Le Rêve for $155 million from Steve Wynn.
  • Nicole Klagsbrun to close New York gallery after 30 years in the business.
  • 20x200 has been offline for months and some collectors still have not received prints they ordered long ago.
  • Historic Berlin Wall section featuring some classic murals, removed with police guard protection amid protests.
  • Joseph J. Lhota has no regrets when looking back at his campaign to remove Ofili piece from Sensation show.
  • The glass ceiling may still exist in the art world as sexism persists.
  • Array of friends, family and staff of Merton Simpson at odds over his estate of African art after his passing.
  • Investigators still working tirelessly to recover artwork stolen during Gardner Museum heist.
  • Collector claims Sotheby's fraudulently sold him Nazi-looted painting from the collection of Hermann Goering.
  • Clemens Sels Museum agrees to pay $9,000 to keep Ringelnatz painting lost as owner fled the Nazis.
  • Marc Weinstein's Shea Stadium Beatles photos, taken by using a fake press pass, sells at auction for £30,680.
  • Replica paintings of Goya's Witches in the Air forged for Danny Boyle's Trance film.
  • Kristian von Hornsleth found guilty of copyright infringement over pornographic collage.
  • Russian photographer illegally climbs Egyptian pyramid to follow dreams and take photos.
  • Neighbors are not thrilled with Thierry Ehrmann's art making, claiming it depreciates real estate values.
  • Adam Parker Smith's show featuring artwork he has stolen from artists' studios.
  • Basquiat's ex-girlfriend Alexis Adler reveals major trove of his unseen works. Book and exhibition to come.
  • William F. Ruprecht, Sotheby's CEO, earned $6.3 mil. in 2012, down 10% from a year earlier, as profits fall 37%.
  • Artangel commissions (including Christian Marclay) five three-minute soundscapes to be broadcast on Radio 4.
  • MOCA aiming high in its recent fundraising efforts and has pushed endowment pass $60 million. Soros and Lopez each donated and talks with LACMA may still be alive, according to Deitch.
  • Paul Schimmel may join Hauser & Wirth as they open a Los Angeles location.
  • Boston's Museum of Fine Arts sends its collection of Japanese masterpieces on a 15-month tour of Japan.
  • DMA announces $17 mil. gift from Marguerite Steed Hoffman to support acquisition of pre-1700 European art.
  • British Museum sells record 50,000 advance tickets for Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum.
  • Rhode Island’s existing tax-free art business zones would be extended under legislation recently submitted.
  • Gerhard Richter photorealist painting to test the auction market for these works.
  • An article all about artist assistants.
  • Is George W. Bush getting a solo exhibition with Gagosian Gallery? Jerry Saltz thinks he should get a show at the Whitney.
  • Julian Schnabel making a comeback bid.
  • Tamar Harpaz has been named winner of the $8,000 2013 Wolf Fund Anselm Kiefer Prize for young artists.
  • Joel Shapiro sculpture installed at the nearly completed American consulate in Guangzhou, China.
  • Diane Arbus's daughter, Amy Arbus, has two shows coming up.
  • Tilda Swinton is sleeping (as performance art) at surprise days and times at MoMA. Jerry Saltz's take on it. James Franco watches Swinton sleep.
  • Shinique Smith visits Charles White Elementary as part of LACMA On-site in partnership with LAUSD.
  • Craig and Karl's take on Victoria and Albert's David Bowie Is exhibition.
  • PBS features and interviews Alec Monopoly.
  • Tania Kovats seeks help in order to make sculptural artwork that collects water from all the world’s seas.
  • Profile of John Axelrod, who is a serial collector. Could he really be done?
  • Interview with Perry Rubenstein, in which he discusses the scene in Los Angeles.
  • David Zwirner profiled by The NYTimes.com.
  • Kerri Lisa, a star of Gallery Girls, curates M.L.B. Fan Cave Art Gallery in Manhattan. First show features MBW.
  • The Onion takes on Robert Mapplethorpe.

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