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Overtime: Dec 31 – Jan 6


More stories below from this week (click on bolded words for more information):
  • Nicola L., an overlooked female pioneer of the Pop Art movement, has died at 81.
  • Nicola L. leaves behind a legacy of fearless, offbeat sculpture.
  • 19 unmissable museum shows to see in Europe in 2019.
  • PODCAST: The Best of 2018 by Charlotte Burns.
  • Arty films and books to watch out for in 2019.
  • 11 places to travel for creative inspiration in 2019.
  • January gallery shows to see around the world.
  • The largest Picasso exhibition in China will open this year.
  • Masterpieces of 20th-century art that just entered the public domain on January 1.
  • A Las Vegas hotel will put Damien Hirst’s 60-foot tall demon in its swimming pool.
  • Why becoming a national treasure can lower an artwork’s value.
  • Trump’s tax Act offers potential tax havens for art.
  • An ethereal painting of the Doge’s Palace by Claude Monet could sell for $35 million at Sotheby’s.
  • Legendary old master dealer Richard Feigen is selling his own collection to fund his retirement.
  • National Gallery of Art closes to public in Washington, D.C. as a result of government shutdown.
  • Musée d’Orsay closes amid Yellow Vests protest in Paris.
  • Ruth Estévez named senior curator-at-large of Rose Art Museum.
  • Lauren Wittels named partner at Luhring Augustine Gallery.
  • See inside the all-female conservation studio dedicated to saving Renaissance treasures.
  • Basquiat hid secret drawings in his work using invisible UV paint, a conservator has discovered.
  • Paris’s blockbuster Basquiat show will be nearly impossible to stage again.
  • Sean Kelly gallery moves into Taipei with exhibition of works by Callum Innes.
  • Hannah Wilke’s naked crusade to subvert the patriarchy.
  • Court dismisses sexual harassment lawsuit against Artforum and Knight Landesman.
  • Kendrick Lamar resolves artist’s copyright lawsuit over ‘Black Panther’ video.
  • Two artists of color boldly provoke a conservative museum locked in the past.
  • African-American fakes are on the rise.
  • Argentine authorities seize more than 30 works of art from former President Cristina Kirchner.
  • Florence’s Uffizi Gallery says Germany has ‘moral duty’ to return Nazi-looted painting.
  • Constructivism brought the Russian revolution to the art world.
  • The curious subculture of diagnosing dead artists by their work.
  • Artist M.C. Escher spent a lifetime distorting perspective.
  • Hans Ulrich Obrist as you’ve never seen him before.
  • The colorful and clairvoyant history of aura photography.
  • Can artists’ relationships with nature kindle humility and respect for our environment?
  • Artists and designers serve up their prized dishes in this ongoing Artist’s Palate series.
  • Masayo Fukuda shows off stunning octopus cut from a single piece of paper.
  • How studying your dreams can help your art practice.
  • 5 ways artists can overcome creative block.
  • 13 artists who highlight the power of words.
  • The endless inventions of Bruce Nauman.

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