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More stories below from this week (click on bolded words for more information):
  • The definitive guide to the key art fairs taking place around the world in the first half of 2019.
  • Three ways art history needs to change in 2019.
  • The five trends that will shape the art market in 2019.
  • 15 Los Angeles artists to watch in 2019.
  • Your guide to the best shows at London gallery-share Condo.
  • Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro dissolves Ministry of Culture.
  • What happened to the Catholic Church’s art patronage.
  • What Sister Wendy Beckett, the late nun and popular art historian, taught me about being a curator.
  • Louvre’s Leonardo exhibition sparks nationalist dispute with Italy’s populist government.
  • The New Museum’s staff is pushing to unionize, and top leadership is not at all happy about it.
  • Sotheby’s will sell a complete set of all the skate decks Supreme has ever produced for up to $1.2 million.
  • Loïc Gouzer on striking it out on his own after a meteoric career at Christie’s.
  • A month after I published a book about how to run an art gallery, I closed mine. Here’s why.
  • A generation of top dealers has reached or surpassed retirement age. Can their galleries survive without them?
  • Skateboarding thieves who stole a giant $4 million coin begin trial, but the coin’s still missing.
  • Thieves make off with a painting from New York’s Team Gallery in broad daylight after a half-mile chase.
  • More than 30 works by Edvard Munch are missing from Oslo. Did university students steal them?
  • Art dealer Mary Boone claims early trauma in tax fraud case.
  • Questioning museology as a medium for conveying culture.
  • ‘An artwork is not about the now’—Urs Fischer on his new Gagosian show images.
  • Josef Albers and the modernist maestro’s musical influences.
  • Max Siedentopf’s latest work plays Toto’s Africa for all eternity in the Namib desert.
  • Adrian Piper speaks out after the Haus Der Kunst cancels her retrospective.
  • Banksy’s notorious self-shredded artwork, is already getting its first museum show.
  • Calhoun and McCormick reveal an ever-changing landscape full of joys and injustices.
  • Stevie Dix’s paintings have the ability to hiss and speak of forbidden temptations.
  • An exclusive look inside Felipe Pantone’s new Shanghai exhibition.
  • Celeste Dupuy-Spencer blends identities of religious saviour, politician, celebrity and cheap entertainer.
  • The painstaking detail Rodney Graham puts into each of his self-portraits.
  • Pablo Tomek leaves the social interpretation of his work up to the viewer.
  • Erik Parker on making the familiar strange.
  • Lari Pittman at Regen Projects, Los Angeles, sheds new light on colonialist patterns and projections.
  • Dana Schutz stages bold return to form after Whitney Biennial controversy.
  • Mika Rottenberg’s exhibition at Sprüth Magers explores the potential of indefinite loops.
  • How White House photographers have shaped the image of the President.
  • The challenges female artists face mid-career.
  • Hans Ulrich Obrist on Friederike Mayröcker.
  • Louise Bourgeois on finding inspiration in solitude.
  • The late street artist Margaret Kilgallen on finding inspiration in everyday life.
  • Why do we care how long it takes artists to make their work?
  • The architect who brought tropical modernism to Hawaii.
  • A new biography of Philip Johnson reveals the contradictions and ambiguities of the world’s first ‘starchitect’.
  • Netflix’s new satirical thriller stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a critic who falls victim to killer art. Will it hit its mark?
  • The quirky, endearing tradition of “duck” architecture.
  • Where 8 famous artists loved to go on vacation.
  • How to borrow works by famous artists for your home.
  • 7 new apps for artists and art lovers.

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