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More stories below from this week (click on bolded words for more information):
  • Museum workers scramble for cash amid the longest US government shutdown in history.
  • The buzziest and most beautiful museums opening in 2019.
  • MOCA Los Angeles will close its Pacific Design Center location after nearly 20 years.
  • Will the inaugural 2019 Los Angeles edition of Frieze get its big Hollywood break?
  • Felix L.A. Art Fair reveals exhibitors, site-specific projects for Hollywood Roosevelt hotel debut.
  • Art Los Angeles Contemporary announces 2019 exhibitors list.
  • At UNTITLED San Francisco, dealers chase tech money while collectors remain circumspect.
  • A few collectors and other visitors to gather their thoughts on FOG Design+Art San Francisco.
  • At a frenetic Outsider Art Fair opening, memory jugs, new discoveries, and a family affair.
  • 6 inspiring outsider artists you should know.
  • This month's must-see art guide to San Francisco.
  • 2019 highlights from the UK art world and beyond.
  • Optical art icon Bridget Riley unveils huge new work at the National Gallery.
  • What you should expect from an art advisor.
  • A mistakenly made penny sold at auction for over $200,000 USD.
  • After Gerhard Richter disavowed a new movie based on his life, the director fires back.
  • Artists, arts professionals call on New Museum to allow unionization.
  • Skarstedt gallery to open new space on New York’s Upper East Side.
  • Gallery-share initiative Condo launches a VIP app to connect galleries and collectors.
  • Jeff Koons lays off dozens in a move toward a decentralized, automated studio practice.
  • Jackson Pollock is perhaps the most-forged postwar artist, and this man wants to identify the fakes.
  • How the world’s biggest financial scandal ensnared the art world.
  • How a legendary Alexander Calder installation got ensnared in Sears’s tortuous bankruptcy saga.
  • A scammer pretending to be Wendi Deng Murdoch duped 2 photographers out of thousands of dollars.
  • The famed Jewish art dealer who fought to retrieve 400 stolen works from the Nazis.
  • The dark side of surrealism that exploited women’s “hysteria”
  • What happens to the Surrealist mindset in the age of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Adidas Originals to launch solo exhibition featuring new Keiichi Tanaami artworks.
  • Jerry Saltz on Dana Schutz's taking back of her painterly name.
  • Lucy Liu’s longtime but little-known art practice is deeply moving.
  • Ulrike Müller's recent exhibition at Kunstverein Düsseldorf explores the categories of visual identification.
  • Walter De Maria's masterpiece involved filling an apartment with 140 tons of dirt.
  • Pablo Tomek leaves the social interpretation of his work up to the viewer.
  • Joshua Vides installs black & white wedding chapel in Las Vegas.
  • Banksy artwork found on garage in Wales sold for six-figure sum.
  • Leading voices in the UK art world demand ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit.
  • Why has China arrested award-winning photographer Lu Guang, and hundreds of other artists in Xinjiang?
  • Scientists discover the secret to Rembrandt’s paint recipe.
  • How 19th-century artists envisioned the apocalypse.
  • Why Mapplethorpe’s photographs remain subversive, even without the shock value.
  • Why contemporary women artists are obsessed with the grotesque.
  • PODCAST: Sisters are painting it for themselves—meet the female Old Masters finding prominence at last.
  • PODCAST: Artist Laurie Simmons “I don’t want to be a second generation anything.”
  • Why Jenny Holzer’s “Inflammatory Essays” is the perfect work for our times.
  • The Museum of the Dog is a love letter to man’s best friend.
  • Veteran curator Marc-Olivier Wahler hopes his new Paris art center will draw in people by accident.
  • How the Instagram egg broke the internet and became a study in exhaustion.
  • Kanye West gifts $10 million to James Turrell’s ‘life-changing’ volcano crater art installation.
  • Arts education in English primary schools is declining both in quality and quantity, new research suggests.
  • US Vice President’s wife Karen Pence ‘excited’ to teach art at school that bans gay students.
  • Max Bill and Georges Vantongerloo, a lasting friendship.

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